Free Kontakt Libraries


We’ve all been there: you need a great, deep-sampled instrument for your next project but you can’t afford the money or the time to go searching for that elusive sample library. Let’s face it – buying an entire symphony orchestra’s worth of instruments is not always feasible, nor is it even necessary these days with VSTi libraries.

The good news is that we’ve got a great list of Free Kontakt Libraries & Instruments for your use and delectation, courtesy of some generous developers and producers around the world.

Free Kontakt libraries anyone? We got you covered!

No need to spend endless hours looking, I’ve found the best free Kontakt Libraries I could find online and you can find them here.

The job is far from over though. I’ll be updating the list as often as I find new free libraries for Kontakt. Make sure to bookmark this page and check back often for additions.

If you know of any solid free Kontakt Libraries, let me know in the comments below and I’ll add it to my list with a shout-out to you for finding them and letting me know, You’ll be famous! 🙂

The following libraries are still available for free download! Please note that we try to keep this list up-to-date, but it might happen that a link is broken or has been removed. Just leave us a comment and we’ll try to fix the problem ASAP. But take into account that these libraries were not free when originally published. The point is that they are still free now!

Free Kontakt Libraries

  • Autodafe – Includes the Mega Drum Machines Collection, Acoustic Bass, Pianowa, and more.
  • Baby Grand – Sample Modern’s Baby Grand piano is a live recorded and one layered Kontakt instrument for the ones who demand high quality, lightness and basic interface. The instrument has that strict baroque age music style
  • Bigcat Saxaphone Collection – Some sax instruments from public domain and creative commons samples. These Saxophones are fully sampled in 3 velocity layers with 375 samples all told.
  • Bolder Sounds – Includes Granular Bottles, Button accordian, Harmonica, Mini Sax, Music Box, Ocarina and more random instruments.
  • Choir Sample Pack – Choir Kontakt Instrument containing multiple choirs and vowels. Wet or dry, your pick.
  • Crypto Cipher – Includes Tabla Mouth Percussion, Mouth Shots, Double Sided Hand Drum, and more.
  • Handheld Sound – Includes Table Drum, PianoBoom, Claps’n’Stomps, Tin Can, MiniNaal, and more.
  • Project Exodus – 127 Cinematic Kontakt Patches. For electronic musicians, film score composers, sound designers and anyone looking to add that earth shattering cinematic feel to their music or video projects
  • Sample Science – 31 Free Kontakt Instruments. Includes retro analog basses, FM synthesis keys, early sixties computer generated sounds and chiptune tones
  • Shortnoise – Unique and inspiring electronic sample library with a huge 6GB of content and over 300 Kontakt instruments to choose from. 15min time limit in Kontakt Player
  • Signal – The free demo version of the world’s most powerful pulse engine. Comes with 2 GB of content.
  • Toy Piano – A small USSR piano with a unique sound that resembles a xylophone.
  • Victorian Music Box – Victorian Music Box is a multi-sampled antique music box for Kontakt 5. Perfect for a cinematic style
  • Violation – Percussion sound effects on the violin. Pitched Percussion, String & Body Percussion, Scrapes & Whispers.

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