Komplete 13 Ulitmate Edition Review


The Komplete Ultimate Upgrade opens a vast selection of new doors for all of your creative desires.

Let’s delve into this Komplete 13 Ultimate Collection Edition review to learn more about what it has to offer.

Komplete 13 Ultimate Collection Upgrade

Also referred to as the Collector’s Edition, this program is packed to the brim with innovations.

You’ll find an extensive catalog of effects and sounds, as well as an in-depth instrument collection.

It’s a significant upgrade from Komplete 12, and with the Ultimate Collection, you get even more benefits.

The most impressive improvement is Guitar Rig 6, which is revamped with new machine learning technology.

You’ll also find new effects that help bridge the gap between machine learning and real-world hardware.

There are many new instruments, improved expansions, and a list of effects for you to use.

Who Is This Software Meant For?

Whether you’re producing a new track, adjusting your vocals, or composing a digital orchestral piece, the options are endless.

With the upgrade, you have access to a slew of new resources to use for professional mixing and casual tinkering.

Professional engineers and artists alike will love the slew of features built into its comprehensive design.

What’s Included?

You’ll receive numerous amount of production features in this software.

Producers and engineers will have a larger variety of sounds, instrument samples, filters, effects, and more.

You can guarantee that creating a track from beginning to end will be seamless.

Overview of Features

The things you would expect from this collection include:

115,000+ Sounds

You can master any sound your creativity desires with over 115,000 to choose from.

You’ll also have access to professional tools, such as Symphony Series, Arkhis, Massive X, and Cremona Quartet.

25 Orchestral and Cinematic Instruments

With this edition, you’ll have 25 new instruments to use, many of which we explore below.

The additions include Amati Viola, Stradivari Cello, Guarneri Violin, Stradivari Violin, Symphony Series String Ensemble, Symphony Series Brass Solo, Symphony Series Brass Ensemble, Action Strings, Action Strikes, and Evolve Mutations.

  • Cremona Quartet

As a new addition to the program, you’ll have access to rare and unique string instruments.

Sourced directly from the world’s best luthiers, artisans sampled each sound in Cremona, Italy.

  • Arkhis

With this orchestral layering engine, you can produce cutting-edge cinematic tracks that are ready for the big screen.

  • Guitar Rig 6 Pro

As earlier mentioned, this is one of the most impressive updates in the expanded collection.

You’ll find new effects, amps, and sculpting options to customize your sound.

Also, the interface has been redesigned and reimagined for customizability and ease of use.

  • Super 8

Are you searching for the perfect sweet spot? Super 8 is a fantastic addition that offers modern features with vintage polysynthesis sounds.

Warming up your tracks with impressive tones and eight voices take you to the next level.

  • Noire

Artists and engineers took the sounds sampled from Noire from Berlin’s Funkahus complex.

You’ll love the signature sound of Nils Frahm’s concert grand for added elevation.

  • Session Guitarist

With the session guitarist addition, you’ll have Electric Sunburst Deluxe and Picked Acoustic.

The Electric Sunburst provides an expanded range of the playable electric guitar for contemporary artists.

On the other hand, the Picked Acoustic features sound that is based on vintage acoustics.

One will allow you to craft your melody, while the other features picked presets and strumming patterns.

  • Mallet Flux

When working on cinematic masterpieces, you’ll surely want to reach for Mallet Flux.

There is an intuitive catalog of mallet sequencing so you can craft phenomenal scores and soundtracks.

  • Mysteria

Along the same vein, Mysteria allows for phenomenal arcane choral textures.

It adds an authentic appeal to ethereal creations with elevated and elegant performances.

  • Straylight and Pharlight

Straylight is ideal for cinematic sounds but can also apply to an assortment of other genres.

You’ll have textures, tones, pads, and transitions combined with pristine sounds for granular instruments.

Pharlight is perfect for musical and cinematic scores, offering superb soundscapes, pads, and melodies.

Improved Expansions

For even more options, there’s a well-rounded cinematic scoring library added into the 73 expansions.

Versatile Genres

It can be challenging to have one sound to work with, especially if you like an assortment.

With this collection, taking advantage of any genre has never been simpler.

The Collector’s Edition brings more soul back into your studio with versatility sourced from industry professionals.

Whether you prefer video game soundtracks, underground electronica, or hip hop, there are endless options.

Access To New Expansions

Komplete is known for its diverse collection of expansions, and with this edition, you get even more.

Each purchase comes with 73 unique expansions specially curated from their growing range.

You’ll also receive new sounds for Massive X for a jaw-dropping experience.

A few examples of the extra expansions include:

  • Solar Breeze: Perfect for those searching for indie acoustic, electronic sounds.
  • Indigo Dust: A mixture of euphoria and deep bases with high-end synth lines for a deep techno experience.
  • Pulse: If you’re on the hunt for futuristic sounds, this is ideal for corrosion and distortion.
  • Rush: This feature is a significant Massive X expansion that combines tension and euphoric melodic components.
  • Rising Crescent: This expansion is ideal for bass production with modern features combined with traditional Mediterranean sounds.
  • Spectrum Quake: Bass is the most significant Spectrum Quake component, as it allows bolder and booming sounds.
  • Nocturnal State: Often, minimalism is best, which is where Nocturnal State brings moderated house and techno.
  • Stadium Flex: If you’re a fan of summer festival hits, Stadium Flex is recommended for EDM, pop, and trap.
  • Lilac Glare: With natural acoustics and pop rhythms, this expansion also boasts an R&B flare for studio-ready samples.
  • Decoded Forms: Post-jungle has never been easier to master than with these pads, bass, and drums.

Sampling and Synthesis Platforms

It can be beneficial to choose from preordained lists of instruments, but what if you want to make your own?

Combining Reaktor 6 and Kontakt 6, this edition allows you to create anything your imagination desires.

You can sample existing instruments and put a personalized twist on them for a unique experience.

Reaktor 6 is best used for synthesizing since it allows you to construct several synths and effects.

Kontakt 6 is fantastic for sampling instruments from industry-leading manufacturers.

17 Synthesizers

While we’re on the topic of synthesizing, the Ultimate Upgrade enables you to use 17 new synthesizers.

Each is designed with state-of-the-art technology to produce an assortment of sounds.

You can take advantage of the warm tones of Super 8, as well as piercing additions with Razor.

The list of synths is impressive and includes some of the following:

  • Massive X

Massive X is by far one of the most popular next-gen wavetable synths.

It’s intuitively designed for engineers and artists searching for modernized sounds in a convenient interface.

  • FM8

Built with innovative features, FM8 is ideal for brightening FM synth sounds with an excellent interface.

You’ll have access to 960 different presets, including clear FM sounds, a full FM matrix, and flexible envelopes.

You can also bring in classic FM hardware patches.

  • Absynth 5

Versatility is the trademark of the Absynth 5, especially with its semi-modular design.

You can craft innovative soundscapes and add an atmospheric touch to your tracks.

There are 1800 phenomenal presets as well as a sound mutator for new creations.

  • TRK-01

Sound design, sequencing, and kick and bass are all achievable with this synth.

You’ll find plenty of traditional mixing techniques, which can make it easier for seasoned professionals.

You’ll find impeccably powerful performance paired with MIDI control for optimal sound design.

  • Monark

Analog synths bring a truly authentic sound to tracks, which is where Monark proves most useful.

It boasts unforgettable mono basses for any style, as well as creative workflows.

Compared to other analog options, this model has an organic sound and feel.

  • Rounds

If you’re a fan of the digital and analog synth, Rounds is a great mid-tier option.

It has complex sound shifting with sequencing for an assortment of opportunities.

You can sequence up to 16 independent synth sounds as well as create unique vital setups.

  • Massive

There are 1300 powerful hitting presets available with Massive that you can use in the studio or on stage.

The colossal sound that it provides is what you expect from a heavyweight synth.

Electro producers will love how this feature redefines the concept of bass music.

  • Kontour

Modulation possibilities are endless with Kontour, as it has organic sonic traits in its impressive build.

Your sound design options are limitless due to the enhanced yet user-friendly architecture.

It reacts to even the slightest adjustments, making it one of the most rapidly responding options.

  • Flesh

If you have a rhythmic sample that you want to take a step further, rely on Flesh.

It allows you to transform samples into full tracks with hands-on features for stage and in-studio use.

You don’t even need to have music theory experience, as you can create innovative tracks with ease.

  • Form

Form is refreshing, especially if you’re searching for robust and organic sounds.

It’s sample-based, which makes it exceptionally simple for beginners to take advantage of.

You can quickly expand your versatility with different textured pads, atmospheric sounds, and shattering basses.

If you want a beginner-friendly option, you can generate impressive results.

However, it also allows for fine-tuning for more advanced tweaks.

  • Razor

The most impressive feature of Razor is that it has detailed visual feedback.

You’ll also have impressive flexibility paired with dynamic sounds.

As its name suggests, the additive synthesis is sharp for boundless soundscapes.

  • Skanner XT

Unpredictability can be your best friend, especially when morphing sounds.

Skanner XT is an excellent option for wave scanning synthesis with an added tweaking interface.

It’s a combination of a synth and sampler with a vast number of sounds.

You’ll love using it as an added feature to boost the unpredictability of your sound.

It’s also versatile, as it runs in either Reaktor or the Reaktor Player.

Shaping your waveform is incredibly simple with its innovative features.

39 Sampled Instruments

Nothing is stopping you from creating unique sounds using worldwide sources.

There are 39 added sampled instruments in this edition that span several centuries and continents.

You can undoubtedly find the perfect one for the authentic track you’re trying to make.

You’ll have a collection of traditional Cuban, Balinese, Indian, and West African sounds.

There are also more contemporary options, such as the Session Guitarist series.

Several examples of the sampled instruments you can use include:

  • Noire
  • Session Guitarist
  • Una Corda
  • The Maverick
  • The Giant
  • The Gentleman
  • Alicia’s Keys
  • Balinese Gamelan
  • Middle East
  • Cuba
  • Session Horns
  • Scarbee Mark I
  • Cloud Supply
  • Butch Vig Drums
  • Ethereal Earth
  • Damage
  • Battery 4
  • Drumlab
  • Abbey Road 50s Drummer

12 Percussive Tools

As you can likely tell from the list of sampled instruments, there are new percussion tools added.

You can find phenomenal basement electronic sounds or poppy collector’s edition drums from Abbey Road.

There are also several experimental percussion tools to help sequence some of the most impressive rhythms.

26 New Effects

Another significant improvement in this edition is the effects they’ve added.

You can quickly sculpt and transform your sounds with impeccable finishing for the perfect touch.

You’ll have access to professional modeling and routing, as well as studio finishes.

Several of the effects included in this edition are:

  • Mod Pack Phasis
  • Mod Pack Choral
  • The Finger
  • The Mouth
  • Molekular
  • Solid Dynamics
  • Vari Comp
  • Enhanced EQ
  • Passive EQ
  • Supercharger GT
  • Transient Master
  • Raum

Intuitive User Interface

There’s no doubt that Komplete is known for its user-friendly design, making it simple to use.

With the excessive number of features the Collector’s Edition comes with, you’ll need easy navigation.

Fortunately, the updated design provides more features with less time spent searching for the right sound.

Opting for a physical copy of the program also gives you an external hard drive filled with the additional content.

If you prefer the digital version, you can access it immediately using Native Access.

Although it is a giant file size (over one terabyte), you have full control over the installation.

As you create tracks, you can opt to install or uninstall certain sounds you might use frequently or not at all.

This process allows you to save more space on your computer.

Also, since the catalogs are straightforward to browse through, you can easily find specific things to improve your sound.


One of the first things engineers and artists look at with VRT plugins and software is cost.

Artists and engineers might see the Komplete Ultimate Upgrade as a hefty investment, but it’s well worth the price.

You’ll have an immeasurable number of instruments, sounds, plugins, and features in one convenient package.

If you were to buy each component separately, it would cost upwards of $23,160.00 (CA).

However, the bundle price is just under $2000 (CA) with a $649 (CA) update.


  • Unparalleled collection
  • Perfect for professional scoring
  • Valuable new instruments and samples
  • Pristinely sampled strings


  • Steeply priced upgrade
  • Too overwhelming for beginners

How To Install

Installing the program will take a substantial amount of time due to its giant file size.

If you’re upgrading from the existing edition, you will need to deselect the items you already have installed.

This process ensures that the program doesn’t rewrite existing files, extending the installation time.

For new users, you simply download the software and allow the installer to work.

You will require a substantial amount of HDD space, which should be cleared before installation.


This Komplete 13 Ultimate Collection Edition review emphasizes that finding an alternative to the software is nearly impossible due to its vastness.

It genuinely is an all-encompassing solution with an irreplaceable number of features for all artists and engineers.

With that said, Composer Cloud could be another choice, although it’s not as remarkable.

Composer Cloud

A few of the most notable features of Composer Cloud include:

  • Doesn’t require an iLok key
  • 67 collections of sounds
  • Third-party support
  • No cloud streaming required
  • Over 42,000 available instruments
  • Over three million samples

Komplete 13 Ultimate Collection Edition Review: The Verdict

Everything that you could need for on-stage and in-studio performances is packed into the Ultimate suite.

Professional engineers and novice artists can craft studio-quality tracks using an incredible number of unique sounds.

There’s nothing more impressive than a full range of tools for you to get your hands on for any genre.

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